10 Best Places For Adventure Trips In India

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Bored of visiting the same spot over and over again every vacation? Most of the common and popular destinations across India have become so overpopulated with tourists that it does not even seem like you have had a vacation at all jostling and pushing around people for space! If you don’t want to relive the same experience all over again check out our 10 best places for adventure trips in India.

1. Go Parasailing Over the Backwaters of Kerala

The backwaters of Kerala in south India are one of the most recommended places if you want to spend a few days of peace and calm while getting a little bit of ayurvedic pancha karma done for rejuvenation. While you’re at it also try a little bit of exhilaration with parasailing! Booking your parasailing tour is very simple with a lot of tour operators and travel agencies offering the service across India. But even if you could not manage to do that from your hometown you can easily come down to Kerala and have your bookings done here. One thing to keep in mind about parasailing is to choose a guide/operator who is renowned for following safety procedures and protocols. here are the Top 11 tips for a honeymoons trip in Kerala

2.Unleash Your Inner Caveman in Meghalaya

Meghalaya in the northeast of India is one of the least explored places on earth that can give many Amazonian rainforests a run for its money! You get a very unadulterated experience by visiting Meghalaya that is not as populated or commercially motivated to pull in a lot of tourists which is why it is best for spending quality time with nature. In the last several years tourism has boomed in Meghalaya and has led to the development of many e adventure activities such as cave tours which is a great way of exploring the inner caveman in you. Renowned for its waterfalls, hill ranges and deep caves, Meghalaya is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for people who love to explore deep caves and caverns in the earth’s cavity.

3.Jump Off an Airplane in Mysore

Skydiving is one of those special experiences that simply cannot be explained in words. This is one of the most exciting things that you need to do at least once in your life time especially if you are an adventure junkie! Mysore in south Indian state of Karnataka is one of the most commonly visited destinations for skydiving. If you are looking for other destinations across India then Gujarat (Deesa) Madhya Pradesh (Dhana) and Maharashtra (Amby valley) also offer some good skydiving locations. It goes without saying that the activity is quite nerve-wracking and does have its risk so make sure that you go with somebody who knows what they are doing and have all the necessary safety trappings and equipment to keep you safe as you free fall to earth from a great height!

4. Scale the Rocks of Panchmarhi

Love rock climbing? The picturesque Sapura mountain range, Pachmarhi, or Jabalpur in MadhyaPradesh are some of the most attractive locations for scaling tall rock formations. Although you can get a good feel of the excitement and thrill of climbing a flat surface with nothing but near inches of objects to grip, the real experience cannot be replicated and you must have it at least once on a real mountain face to know what you are missing.

5. Be A Daredevil on Two-wheels In Sikkim

Love the mountain peaks of the Himalayas? You will be thrilled to get a glimpse of the sun rising on the peaks of Kanchenjunga which are visible from Sikkim in northeast India. A great way to explore the vastness of the Himalayan range is to go on a motorcycle tour to Sikkim and visit all other attractions in the area such as Darjeeling and Kalimpong which are both 4 to 5 hours away from Sikkim. Unlike Ladakh, Sikkim still does not have the downside of being thronged with a ton of tourists, so you can still get the sense of freedom and oneness with nature even without trying.

6. Go on An Endurance Motorcycle Ride to Leh

If you thought you were an adventure motorcyclist then the trip from new Delhi to Leh will test your mettle as a motorcycle aficionado. While many people have completed this trip on their old Bajaj scooter from back in the nineties, which is a testimony of the unbeatable human spirit, you can still try to do that with your modern motorcycle and experience the tall demands of this arduous ride. The roads have become much better than they were before and you can get a motorcycle on rent for just Rs.1500 per day and complete the tour in about a week, with enough time for everything.  The stretch from Kargil to Leh is one of the most visually epic places on earth that you will remember for life. Just remember to have the proper winter clothes and a branded motorcycle helmet with you.

7. Dive Down intothe Gorges of Rishikesh

If climbing mountains isn’t your thing then you can try driving down the deep gorges of Rishikesh! These 90-feet drops are loved by adrenaline seekers who can’t get enough of that hair-raising sensation of plummeting down a rocky abyss that makes them feel alive, and we agree! If you are in the peak of your health and don’t have a heart condition or high blood pressure, definitely try it once in your life. read more about the Best Hindu Pilgrimages Sites in India

8. Say Hello to A Volcano in Barren Island

Barren islands in Andaman region is home to an active volcano (the only one in south Asia) that pulls a lot of tourists because of its uniquely scenic ecosystem. The water here is crystal clear which offers a great experience for scuba diving and therefore you can find great opportunities for exploring underwater life almost throughout the year unless there is an active volcano warning. Reaching barren island is simple. You can take a flight directly to the Andamans from Kolkata, Bengaluru or Chennai, or arrive by ship.

9. Trek the Icy Trails of Ladakh

The icy trails of Ladakh is a great way to test the limits of your fitness and have epic memories to last your entire life at the same time. Temperature drops 30 below zero during winters which freezes everything and gives it a fairytale look. Trekkers start at the base of Zanskarriver and go on a 7-8 day walk on the frozen river until they reach the frozen waterfall which feeds the river. With the ever-changing scenario of ice and water, there is nothing permanent which adds to the sense of thrill. You need to be brave to make this trip, but more importantly, you need to be able to have your wits about you when faced with a challenge because even a small mistake will become the last mistake you will ever make!

10. Surf the waves of Kovalam

A much safer and definitely less bone chilling adventure experience can be had on the waves at Kovalam in south India. The balmy waters are perfect for surfing and whether you take the traditional route of surfing the waves or flying hundreds of meters above them both are excellent ways to rule the turbulent waters below. If you have never surfed before, don’t worry, you can take surfing lessons here as long as you are willing to devote the time to learning a new skill while on vacation.

Summary: Don’t want to be in a crowded tourist place jostling for space? Check out these top 10 least crowded destinations where you can enjoy your time with nature and feel the stress melting away. Oh, and while you are at it, make everybody jealous with some epic Instagram stories!