Choosing the Best of the Best E Liquid Flavors

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Everyone is always looking for the best thing on the market, whether it’s the best car, the best restaurant, the best phone, or the Best E Liquid for vaping. We can’t tell you which car you should buy or where you should go on your next date, but when it comes to top tier vaping e liquids, there’s one name that reigns queen above the rest: Velvet Cloud.

In this article we’ll walk you through some of our favorite flavors Velvet Cloud has to offer and give you a crash course on the best e liquids in the business.

First, what is Velvet Cloud, and what makes it the superior choice?

Based out of Portland, Velvet Cloud is an artisanal vape juice crafting company that takes the contents and quality of their e liquids very seriously. They specialize in ultra high VG e liquids that use natural bases, vegan ingredients, and organic sources wherever possible. One of the best things about Velvet Cloud’s e liquids, aside from their amazing flavors, is their no-nonsense approach. There are no artificial sweeteners or colorings, no added sugars, no GMOs and no gluten in these e liquids. Just high-quality ingredients and mind-blowing flavors that will have you falling in love with the first hit.

Without further ado, here’s our list of Velvet Cloud’s best e liquid flavors!

Sweet as a Peach

There’s nothing like a freshly brewed pitcher of summertime peach tea – nothing except Velvet Cloud’s Peach Tea e liquid, that is. They’ve taken the southern favorite flavors of ripe and juicy sweet Georgia peaches and refreshing black ice tea and vaporized them into billowing clouds of summertime nostalgia. No matter where you are or what season it is, this vape will bring you down rolling country roads and straight to Mamaw’s front porch for a lazy summer Sunday afternoon hour of homebrewed relaxation.

‘Tis the Season Any Season

If you’re the kind of person to bring out the Christmas tree as soon as the trick or treaters have gone to bed, then you’ll love Velvet Cloud’s Frosted Gingerbread e liquid. Celebrate Christmas in July (or March, or September) with the sweet and spicy flavors of freshly frosted gingerbread cookies and marvel at the distinct cakey texture this vape provides. It’s like biting into a gingerbread man just as he jumps from the oven! Sugarplum witchcraft or Christmas miracle – you decide!

The Man of Our Dreams

There’s no law that says you can’t be manly and a sweetheart, or a sweet tooth! All of Velvet Cloud’s tobacco e liquids are bold enough to put a bit of hair on your chest, but the rich and sweet White Beard blend of tobacco, butterscotch, and custard fulfills all our strong and sensitive fantasies. If you’re looking for the perfect flavor to compliment your lumbersexual dreams then White Beard is the buff and creamy e liquid you’ve been seeking.

The American Classic

We couldn’t make a list of Velvet Cloud’s top blends without mentioning the best e liquid in the whole world! The amazing s’more flavored e liquid Velvet Cloud calls Campfire is so good that hundreds of customers begged them to bring it back to life. Built with the summertime staple flavors of roasted marshmallows, crunchy graham crackers, and rich and creamy melted chocolate, this e liquid floods us with memories of all our best summer nights spent around a warm campfire with good music, good friends, and sticky sweet treats to share. It’s the perfect feel-good nostalgia vape and the crown jewel of Velvet Cloud’s premium delicious selection.

These are our top four Velvet Cloud flavors. It was hard to pick from all the gems! You can browse Velvet Cloud’s wide collection on their site,, and make your own top four list from their gourmet flavors.

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